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Internship 3Pillar Global

3Pillar Global is inviting you to an innovative internship!

We are a global product development services company. We drive innovation and disruption for our customers. We are a catalyst for the digital economy, building software products for sector-leading clients. We are in the business of producing measurable results for our clients by driving and sustaining product development partnerships that deliver revenue generating and industry-changing products to market. We believe that to achieve long-term client success, we must help our clients innovate to remain leaders in their markets.

Your internship at 3Pillar Global will facilitate the opportunity to act as an active member of a Full Stack solution, leveraging new technologies used on the market. 

Software products are much more than coding. You will be actively involved in implementing functional requirements driven by the Product Management team, design and create automated tests to validate the features implemented, participate in daily stand-ups and sprint planning/retrospectives.


Basic knowledge:

– OOP 

– Data structures & algorithms 

– Databases

For other details, you can email us at hr-romania@3pillarglobal.com.

Apply here: https://goo.gl/sy1jpC