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Red Hat Academy Open Talk series

Hi there,

You have been invited to attend the Red Hat Academy Open Talk Series: 4 sessions delivered by Red Hat technical experts who will accompany you to answer your questions and expand your insights on the IT industry trends complementing your Red Hat Academy training.

You will get inspired and understand how teams work in an open business culture as well as find out the keys to succeed when looking for an IT job.

The following topics will be covered:

Session 1: All you need to know about open source & Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Session 2: Keys to succeed when looking for a job in the IT industry – Round table
Session 3: IT for social good: OpenShift serving communities facing challenges
Session 4: Working agile: methodologies & best practices

Why should students attend these sessions?

  • RHA will share the current IT best practices.
  • Students will be able to submit their questions and get live responses during the webinar sessions.
  • Red Hat industry experts will talk on currentIT concepts and actual software applicabilities in the IT market. 
  • Students will gain access to a dedicated space to create community exchanging opinions with IT students from Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Make sure to register to the complete Red Hat Academy Open Talk Series in order to receive the connection links to the virtual sessions: REGISTER HERE